Hungry Shark Evolution Is Actually an Educative Game

You must not have thought of Hungry Shark Evolution as an educative game. What could be educational in a game where you make a shark go berserk and munch on anything and everything it lays its sights on? Well, that might be the common thought, but my personal experience is something quite different.

I gave Hungry Shark Evolution to my son this afternoon. He is seven years old, and you must give some credit to the game play that he was able to do everything possible in the game in two minutes flat. There was nothing he couldn’t do, and it came to a point where he just wouldn’t part with my cellphone. I did wonder if I had committed some grave blunder in giving him my phone.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I found him half an hour later at his computer trying to find out the names of all the sharks in the game. He even memorized the names of the various species, and also quizzed me on that. Not just that, he went ahead and found out the names of each and every creature that he could find undersea. I haven’t seen him as much interested as when I had downloaded Angry Birds for him a couple of years ago.

He is now interested in sharks and the sea, which is a good thing. I am actually thinking of putting up a Hungry Shark Evolution hack so that all the sharks in the game are unlocked at once and he can learn about more of the creatures.

Now, before you make any judgments on why I gave a shark-chomping-humans game to a child, let me tell you that the game’s graphics are not at all gory. In fact, they are done in a funny manner, and I am sure the boy will not take anything negative from the game.