Immediate Impact of Buying Traffic

Online entrepreneurs constantly look for ways to boost their website traffic, and among them one of the chief ways is buying traffic. Previously considered as black-hat SEO, the impression has now drastically changed. Even some of the big-name companies now have no qualms about spending money to get website traffic. As this is being done more and more, it is adding more legitimacy to the entire exercise, with some companies even having gone public about their traffic boosting adventures.

You might be motivated to buy website traffic as well. But, there are several questions in mind – What must you expect when you buy it? How soon must you expect the results? What benefits does it bring in?

The first thing that you must expect is a big boost to the number of people visiting your website. You should expect at least a 10 times jump very soon, if not the next day itself. This will be indicated on your page statistics, which you have to monitor closely.

Another thing that you must look at is the visitor-click ratio. How many visitors are actually clicking on the links on your page? How many people are moving out from the landing page itself? How many people are buying your products? These are questions that you will be faced with soon.

You must also expect a big leap in your page rank, both on Google and on Alexa itself. Google should soon start ranking your page higher for popular keywords. Keep looking if that happens.

The final, but the big question, is how soon must you expect the changes. Now, most places that sell website traffic claim that you should see results within 24 hours itself, and that is probably your guiding factor as well. You should see some activity, but it will take some time for a pattern to form, which means you will have a much better idea 48 hours after your traffic has started visiting your website.