How can I get the hottest selfies by myself?

Even though the term selfie implies a self-portrait, for many of the world’s most famous faces each photo actually has a huge behind-the-scenes operation for support. Since this likely isn’t an option for you, learn these few steps that will help you take the hottest selfies without needing an entire team.

In traditional photo-shoots, lighting is a key point of emphasis, no matter the theme. Harsh artificial lighting is eschewed by most, unless it is used to enhance something about the shoot, and lighting that looks as natural as possible is always the most flattering.

Try and shoot your selfies near a window if possible, and always look at how the light source is affecting your face. Shooting with light behind you or to the side can be a great way to use a sunspot to silhouette your face seductively. Similarly, shooting while looking at a light before taking a photo can actually help reduce red eye, and if you look at one while taking a photo you can enhance the literal sparkle in your eye.

You’ll mostly want to avoid standing right under a light, particularly an indoor lighting fixture. This is a great way to enhance shadows and blemishes, which can ruin your photo.

In the same way, you’ll want to be aware of how your lighting affects your background. If you are just trying to get a shot of your best loo, try choosing white or light colored walls, which will help your face seem brighter.

There are a number of tips to maximize your selfie success, but choosing the right lighting and making it work for your setting is a great way to highlight your features. Try and stay with natural light for the best results possible.