Animation in visualization

Animation is also being used in architectural visualisation. It is in the form of a short motion picture created by a computer. A building is generated by the computer along with the surrounding landscape. Moving vehicles are also shown besides people to give a real time appearance. They are a collection of thousands of still images which are played back to create an impression of a movie. The images are all computer generated. This is unlike a still image of a conventional architectural rendering. The computer can also create an artificial environment around the building thereby giving it a realistic appearance. The investors and designers are able to have an idea about the visual appearance of the completed project. Computer generated visualizations make it simpler for the clients to navigate the complexities of a big project and makes life easier for the designers. Architectural animation is not the forte of small computer rendering firms because of the vast amount of images numbering thousands need to be created which requires long man hours and the computer rendering time. Architectural animations require a large number animators and artists and a longer time frame. The software required to integrate all the images into a moving sequence is not at the disposal of every studios.

There are small companies which are able to churn out high quality single frame renderings but nowadays architectural animation is being preferred by firms because the investors often find it difficult to comprehend the complex drawings and the visualizations make it more simpler for them to understand the project. Architects and real estate developers are including animations in their marketing campaigns as is evident by the advertisements. The computer generated animations are going to become more advanced in the future and the demand for them would only show an upward trend.