Advertising also influences use among youth

E-cigarette users state that motivation to quit smoking is the reason they took to smoke e-cigarettes. However many people use it for recreational purposes too. Many people use e-cigarettes for relaxation. They have a belief that e-smoking is healthier than smoking not only for them but also for the world at large. Many youngsters use these e-cigarettes without nicotine. Adults too use this e-cigarette as a matter of curiosity. College students use it for experimentation purposes. The advertising companies spend millions of dollars on advertising these e-cigarettes as a healthy way to quit smoking. These advertisements have influenced many people to try these e-cigarettes for fun. Research has it that smoking e-cigarettes in moderation is not that harmful to a certain extent but prolonged use should be avoided. Many have said that the sweet smell of the e-cigarette vapor is what has influenced them to continue smoking.

Now where does this sweet smell come from? The e-liquid used in the e-cigarettes is an aromatic liquid known as propylene glycol. This liquid is used along with glycerin, another aromatic liquid. The Canadian Eliquid Manufacturer also sometimes add extracts from fruits to the mixture to make it smell sweeter. This sweet smell can induce people to take up smoking of this e-cigarette and in the bargain quit smoking the real ones. If that is the case every time it is good. But it is not usually so. People who have never smoked too get addicted to this sweet smell and try it for the sake of trying. Moreover the advertising campaigns carried out by the manufacturers tend to highlight only the advantages and conceal the disadvantages. Many people get attracted towards these positive effects and get hooked on to the habit. Once an addiction of any sort gets developed, it becomes difficult to cure it.